SNSH: Ultrasound and RF based 

3D localization system

1. System Overview

The system is able to extend thanks to the capability of CAN network

We named it SNSH to remind us about our wonderful team: Sy, Nghia, Sang and our supervisor Prof. Hoang.

I would like to thank Nguyen Tu Cuong and Duong Dinh Quy for their initial results that allowed the team to feel confident with this solution.

Hardware of the system: 

a) Transmitter,  b) Receiver, c) Both in an experiment

Box cover of receiver devices

Transmitter is attached on a drone in a test

2. Demo videos

Demo video of the system

Application of the system in a contest, where the information about location is used to navigate a rover.

3. Awards

                                                               Our team at TI MCU Design Contest 2015, we got "the most promising" prize that year.

An application using this localization system "Autonomous Robot for Indoor Surveillance and Monitoring" won the first place in  

GR PEACH Embedded Design Contest 2017 in ASEAN.

4. Publications

The articles based on this work were published: